Wondering How To Get Eyeballs On Your Offers?

(Or what do a business guru, a born-again Christian and a stout British Bird have in common?)

Hello again!

So…What do a business guru, a born-again Christian and a rather stout British bird have in common?

Well, settle down, because I’ve got a bit of a story to tell you.

I used to have a mentor called Rich Schefren who was the ‘guru to the gurus’.  Still is, in many ways.  

I suppose I still do have him as a mentor, as I check out Rich’s Livestreams whenever I can and I can often still hear his voice in my head whenever I’m pondering on a business problem. 

(That’s the sign of a good coach, by the way!)

When I first signed up with Rich for his Business Growth System coaching programme back in in 2006, which revolutionised the way I looked at my existing bix ‘The Money Gym’ and every other business since, I was vaguely away of Justin Brooke, beavering away in the background.

Justin was Rich’s ‘secret weapon’ when it came to driving traffic to his “Internet Business Manifesto” Free Report and gradually because I was interested in driving more traffic to my website too, I found out more about him.  

Justin’s got a really interesting and impressive back-story, with an couple of personal twists too.  He was a typical ‘bad boy’ but one who eventually managed to turn himself around and become successful, not least with the help of his wife Chaunna.

At one point, before he went to work with Rich, with Chaunna’s blessing, he’d left home and travelled across the country to work for nothing, nada, zero Dollars, as an intern for Russell Brunson, just a kid himself, but a phenomenally successful one already. 

That internship was to change Justin’s life, as one of the first jobs Russell did was to set Justin to work, watching and reviewing all the training courses Russell had bought over the last couple of years, but not watched yet.  

He got the education of a lifetime there!

(Russell went on to found ClickFunnels and of course, the rest is history. He’s created hundreds, if not thousands of millionaires through experts and authors using Clickfunnels to get their content out there, and create effective marketing funnels).

But back to Justin!  

Justin used what he learned with Russell and with just $50 in personal cash, started his own Affiliate business, driving traffic to an offer and reinvesting the profits to drive more traffic, until he had enough money and skills to start his own traffic business.  Adskills was born.

As is the way of these things, because I showed an interest in him, he was gracious to me and when I was down and out and casting about for what to do next, I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin about his amazing entrepreneurial journey.  

You can listen to that here >>>

Then, when Judith and I were putting together our series of interviews of successful digital nomads for the Virtual Summit, we interviewed Justin & Chaunna who, at the time, were spending a year travelling the globe with their kids.  I think we caught up with them in Thailand.  

All the while, they were slowly and steadily building Adskills into the global and industry respected training school it is today.  You want traffic?  You can learn yourself or hire an Adskills Certified Traffic guy or gal, direct from their Certification.

You can hear that interview here >>>

They came back to the USA eventually, and in 2019 I finally got to buy them breakfast at the Marriott Hotel, San Diego.  Our first in-person meeting. 

When the ‘pandemic’ arrived, I signed up for the Adskills Training and Certification, knowing that the more virtual our world got, the more in-demand traffic skills would be.  I’m no slouch but I really wanted to learn Youtube and Display advertising.  

That required an investment of $5000 but it was ‘for lifetime access’ and I knew it would be worth many times my investment.

Now, I bet you are starting to wonder what all this has to do with you.

Well, Justin and Chaunna have made many changes to their lives, not least now moving into an off-grid cabin in the wilds of the USA somewhere. 

A lifelong atheist, Justin’s found God by studying science and history (and I can only assume the rest of the family has too) and he has become an eloquent proponent of the benefits of following Jesus.  Well, he’s a copywriter as well, after all! Even though I’m an atheist too, or at least agnostic, I love his Sunday posts on Facebook where he talks about the ongoing difference it’s all made to his life.

They have also just this week decided to make some VERY big changes to their business model.  And this is where you come in, if you want ‘more eyeballs on your offers’ you’ll love it.

In short, they want to serve more people.

They want to share their knowledge wider and help more people create a great living online.

So they have remodelled everything, not least their payment model.

Now, if you want to learn Justin’s industry wide respected skills, you can join his Core Programme, learn his skills starting with his 9-week Starter Course and apply them to your business for just $8.99 a month.

Check it out here >>>

And yes, these links are Affiliate links, of course they are. I think so highly of Adskills I’m putting my reputation as well as my money where my mouth is.

If you are a more experienced business owner, perhaps a Social Media Manager who wants to add Paid Traffic to your skills, and you want to take things further by perhaps building an agency, you can get the help and support of the Adskills team here in their Pro Programme

Check that out here >>>

I have personally joined the Pro Programme, even though I’ve already been ‘grandfather’d in for the original extensive training I paid for, because I want the weekly live mentoring / business building calls and Slack Group support.

As I always say to MY clients, people come to you for the products (in this case the training) but they pay and stay for the community.

And I’ve just proved that by signing up to Justin & Chaunna’s Pro Level.

So how could YOU put that to work, creating a recurring billing in YOUR business?

Not sure?

I can help with that.  Just hit reply.



p.s. Justin has also lost a shed ton of weight recently, I’m dying to find out how he did that too.