Top 5 Business Mistakes | Part 2

Yesterday I started to share with you, the Top 5 Mistakes most self-employed people and businesses make, when trying to get going and gear up profits.

To recap, what were those Top 5 Mistakes again? 

1.  We are unclear about what we offer
2.  We are unclear about who we are offering it to
3.  We keep ourselves a secret
4.  We imagine we are doing things when we are actually just thinking about it
5.  We don’t believe we are worth it (and often undercharge!)

Over the next few days, I’ll be going into each mistake in a bit more detail.

So, Mistake #2:

1.  We are unclear about who we are offering our product or service to

One of the biggest mistakes I see is people saying that their product or service is great for “anyone” whereas we should actually be defining very clearly who our ideal potential future client or customer is.

In fact, in the excellent book “Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross, who turned the struggling SalesForce software company around to become the behemoth it is today, he talks about creating a list of your Top 100 customers or clients. This is because it’s better to focus on finding out who the key decision-makers are at the best 100 companies because even though you’re focusing on just 100, you’ll make even more sales along the way to meeting and pitching to those people.

Not defining who you are making your offer to has three effects….you could have guessed that by now though, couldn’t you?!

1.  The first is that if we don’t know who they are, we don’t know where to find our ideal future client or customer (let’s call them our PFC shall we?). Which industry sector? Which companies? Which department? What do they read? What do they watch? Where do they network?

2.  The second is that, because we don’t know who they are, we don’t know what their specific problem or pain is, or whether our service, product provides the best solution for them.

3.  The third is that we don’t know how to simply, powerfully and authentically communicate the fact that we have that solution for them.

We also need to identify some key qualities of our ideal PFC.  Sit and brainstorm as many as possible but think about at least these three for starters….

1.  They need to be experiencing the very problem or pain that you are solving – or you are educating your market they need you and that’s hard work.

2.  They need to be experiencing it now!  This creates urgency and helps that buying decision happen.

3.  They need to be able to afford our solution.  And you need to make it easy for them to pay.

In the Money Gym and then at Clicks & Leads we knew exactly who our ideal clients are - and while some overlapped it wasn’t that many. 

Because I know who they are, it makes it easy to communicate to them that we understand what their challenges are.

With The Money Gym it was around money, independence, overwhelm, financial control, old age, overwork, responsibility, cashflow management, security, work/life balance.

There are many other types of people who need help with their finances, and we attract many of them too, but we write all our ezines, our website, our marketing material, our article, our reports, with just one person in mind.

Not one type of person, one actual person.

Could that person be you?

In fact, the person I always thought of, for The Money Gym, actually became a client of Clicks & Leads. But it took them 10 years. Rather wonderfully, the money we helped them make in the Money Gym, became the source of the funds to pay for Clicks & Leads services.

I do love a happy ending.

Warm regards


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