Top 5 Business Mistakes | Part 1

Would you like to know the Top 5 Mistakes most self-employed and business people make, when trying to be successful?

I have seen it over and over again and, believe me, in the early days, I’ve made all five mistakes myself! 

Would you like to know what those Top 5 Mistakes are?

1.  We are unclear about what we offer
2.  We are unclear about who we are offering it to
3.  We keep ourselves a secret
4.  We imagine we are doing things when we are actually just thinking about it
5.  We don’t believe we are worth it (and often undercharge!)

Let me elaborate a bit…..and tell you what I’ve done wrong too, then what I did about it.

1.  We are unclear about what we offer

How many of you have more than one product or service?

More than three?

More than five?

More than ten?

Or worse, do you offer a “bespoke” service, where you leave it up to the customer to tell you what they want?

Big mistake!

Already you are starting to make it impossible for someone to make a choice, and even more importantly, a buying decision.

Malcolm Bradbury, in his book “The Tipping Point” talks about the human brain really only being able to hold and decide between seven things at once…..ideally just three to five.

Too many and you slip into overwhelm and indecisiveness.

So it follows that you should only offer people three choices.  You can then offer them three more, once they have clicked on the first one, but keep it really, really simple at each stage.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it takes some bottle to force your potential future customers to make a choice right away.

But it works.

It’s called a “Customer Journey” or more recently “Marketing Funnel”.

Let’s use my business as an example…..

The front end of my Marketing Funnel is my three main topics; Mindset, Marketing & Money. For each of these, I have a book, which is the first thing I promote all over the web. Books are safe, they are something everyone is familiar with. They all started out as free reports which I built up as time went on and they became books.

Mindset - “Mindset, Marketing & Money”

Marketing - “Attract 3.0”

Money - ‘The Money Gym”, “21 Best Money Tips” & “The Missing Chapter”

Those books encourage people to do one of three things:

1.  Take action

2.  Come to one of my three websites to learn more & subscribe

3.  Book to talk to me.

I used to have a much more complicated, elaborate email option and follow up sequence but over recent years I’ve simplified everything in my life.

So people arrive at our site and see the three choices.

  1. View the blog (and upgrade to join community)

  2. Buy some video training

  3. Book to talk to me

Keep it simple for your potential future customers and send enough of them to your website and some will choose to buy.

Tomorrow I’ll cover some of the other Business Mistakes.

What would YOU like to see?

Warm regards