I Haven't Got A Clue, How Do I Get Started?

What would you do first, if you were starting again from scratch today, Nicola?

Hi Nicola

I'm very much enjoying your new blog Swagger & Soul. We seem to be on the same page about almost everything.  Except, I am clueless when it comes to money.

I know I have a skill set that could earn me lots of cash, (I've seen other artists do it) but I am just rubbish at leveraging those skills for large financial gain. On the surface, if you look at my website etc, it appears that I am doing very well. But as with most artists, the money just isn't there. 

My question is this;

Do you help on a personal level? 

Is there any way I could pay you an affordable consultancy fee for some very specific advice, on how to go about making an amount of capital, with which to further a) my career & b) begin amassing some assets for my future in these uncertain times?  

I know you don't normally work 1-to-1 but I confess to being quite scared of not preparing for this awful scenario. I simply have no clue where to start. I looked into Bitcoin (too expensive), also Pirate Chain  (too confusing) and shares etc. But to make real money, fairly quickly, while I know it's possible. I just seem to have a mental block. (I did buy your book Money Gym, ages ago, but I'm still confused). 

Anyway, if it's not something you do, no worries at all. I just thought I'd ask. 

Best wishes, 


** Nothing you read here is financial advice - I’m simply sharing what I would do in this given situation **

Dear C

Thank you for your email.  Forget the book, it's still very practical at a basic level but maybe a bit out of date for you now - that's why I wrote 'The Money Gym: The Missing Chapter'

Funny enough, I'm getting so many requests nowadays to help individuals, that I've been thinking of how to do it. 

(I can't do one-to-one anymore because I would have to charge more than most would be willing to pay to make it worth my while - although it would still be way less than it would be worth to those individuals, that's for sure, based on previous results!)

Here you go! I’ve set up a simple upgrade to Substack which will work for most people. With a private Telegram group attached so once you’ve upgraded, do feel free to join that.

I have some wonderful news for you today - the fastest way to make money from tiny bits of capital is not property, or shares, or gold or silver (although the latter is good to store profits in).

No, the fastest way is to buy bits of a Bitcoin called Satoshis.  For as little as £10-20.  Satoshis - or Sats as they are known - is just like our pence to a pound.

Now for a bit of woo-woo, something most investors know about but never mention!

Something happens to your brain once you start saving in a vehicle that grows fast over time (unlike a savings account which never grows at all nowadays). 

You start wanting to save more so you find things to sell, you find new ways to make money, you start cutting back on non-essentials. 

The universe will start sending you money because you will be proving you know how to look after it.  Promise.

And your Bitcoin grows and it grows and at some point, it's growing faster than your outgoings per month.  

Then you can borrow against it, just like equity in a house, tax-free and live on that while the value goes up. If you repeat the process, you are now financially free and living like the truly rich do. 

Especially if you work to get your outgoings down.

To get started, just download an app called Swissborg (lowest fees to buy I’ve found) - do it in the app store or use my referral link if you like.  


You earn some of the Swissborg's own crypto coin if you use that and that's been going up in value well this summer too.  You can also 'stake' their coin CSHB, or your other coins to earn interest daily! The compounding on that adds up nicely too.

Set it up so that you can regularly transfer bits of cash from your normal bank account - do use your new Swissborg account unique reference number each time, you’ll find that inside the ££ account area. 

Send money over, exchange it to BTC and watch it grow.  Stake some of it and watch that grow. IGNORE all the other options for now. Don’t be tempted to buy other coins yet, or trade.

Let me know when you have done it all and I’ll let you know what to do next?  

My hairdresser did it, transferred £50 over and made 10% on that in-between haircuts.  It will go up and down every week, but the general trend for Bitcoin is very much up.

Do feel free to ask more questions - I can use them in a third follow up blog post to help more people, anonymously of course.

Warm regards

** Reminder: Nothing you read here is financial advice - I’m simply sharing what I would do in this given situation **