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If you are a solopreneur, a startup founder or more established business owner, Nicola can help you create more demand, more traffic and more conversions to sales. She is also expert in creating community and membership revenue.

Nicola Cairncross is the original author & founder of Then having loved the digital marketing side of the business, Nicola created Initially, a boutique Facebook Ads agency, Clicks & Leads is now a full-service specialist Digital Marketing consultancy & agency. Nicola now writes, speaks, consults with and mentors solopreneurs, founders and business owners globally. She is a four-time podcast co-host and producer, with Own It The Podcast boasting over 250 episodes.

She has previously been featured on CNN Breakfast News, in The Times, The Telegraph, Observer, The Scotsman, International Business Times, RED, Cosmopolitan, Company Magazine, Essentials, Woman & Home just to name a few. She sat on the “Experts Panel” at Visa International and Pampers iVillage in 2009.

She has many testimonials from happy clients and while routinely helping to create millions in extra profit for clients, she’s even managed to help one client make Cement Microscopy sexy! Read their stories here.

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Nicola talks about business yes, but much, much more. Recovering from loss, seeking happiness and fulfilment, about mindset, motivation, marketing & money with all that this involves, weaving in interesting, educational info with her own personal experience.

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